Whole Bean

Whole Bean

Freshly-roasted coffee for all your favourite brew methods, from espresso to French press, sourced directly from specialty coffee roasters.
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  • Sacred Acre Coffee

    Sacred Acre Coffee Drip - Kibingo (340g)

    The Kibingo washing station is located in Kayanza, one of the 17 provinces of Burundi and an area known for its coffee and tea production. This high elevation area is also the source of tributaries that flow into the Nile River. The name Kibingo...
  • Counterpart Coffee

    Counterpart Coffee Drip - First Peak (340g)

    Excellent as a filter coffee or as espresso, First Peak is a blend of organic beans from Chochajau (Guatemala) and San Ignacio & Cajamarca (Peru), grown between 1400 and 1600 metres above sea level. In the cup, you'll find notes of almonds, raisins,...
  • Mountain's Edge Coffee Co.

    Mountain's Edge Coffee Co. Drip - Coastline (340g)

    Round and full, approachable sweetness, with a nutty chocolate finish. ORIGIN: Costa RicaTASTING NOTES: chocolate, brown sugar, nutsROAST LEVEL: medium-dark ABOUT MOUNTAIN'S EDGE COFFEE CO: At Mountain's Edge Coffee Co. we believe that coffee...
  • Mogiana

    Mogiana Coffee - Espresso (340g)

    A 100% Brazilian, single-origin, medium-dark espresso roasted coffee. Mogiana Coffee is a farm-direct, family-traded Brazilian coffee. Five generations have carried on the family tradition of growing, hand-picking and roasting award winning coffees...
  • Mogiana

    Mogiana Coffee - Decaf (340g)

    Mogiana's Decaf Coffee uses the Mountain Water Process of Decaffeination (very similar to Swiss Water). It is a natural process; using the clear, pure water from the glaciers on the highest and most beautiful mountain in Mexico, the Pico de Orizaba or...
  • 9 Bar Espresso Italia Coffee Beans

    9 Bar

    9 Bar Espresso Italia Coffee Beans (1 lb.)

    Our own Espresso Bar house blend - 9 Bar Espresso Italia - a classic central Italian blend. Our secret for a real, traditional, Italian espresso taste--we blend in just the right amount of high quality, hand-picked, washed Robusta coffee. Full-bodied...
  • Agro Roasters

    Agro Roasters - Equinox Espresso (340g)

    Grown at 950-2,300 metres above sea level, these natural washed beans elicit a velvety body and juicy finish — ideal for espresso, French press, or pour over. ORIGIN: Brazil, Colombia, EthiopiaTASTING NOTES: blueberry, cocoa, cookie...
  • Mogiana

    Mogiana Coffee Drip - Rio Roast (340g)

    This roast has a slight smoky flavor and a medium body. For those who like a dark roast with a bit less intensity and smooth finish. ORIGIN: BrazilTASTING NOTES: chocolate, toasted almondROAST LEVEL: dark ABOUT MOGIANA COFFEE: Our traditions...