White Goat Coffee Drip - Ethiopia Sidamo (340g)

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  • White Goat Coffee Drip - Ethiopia Sidamo (340g)
  • White Goat Coffee Drip - Ethiopia Sidamo (340g)


Fair Trade Organic, grown in the mountains of southwest Ethiopia where the cherries are picked & the fruit is allowed to ferment for 3 days on the bean, giving the coffee a fruity, winey taste.

ORIGIN: Ethiopia
: blueberry with a deep wine finish
ROAST LEVEL: medium-dark


All good stories begin with a journey…

Our story started in a small village market in the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra with our very first purchase of green coffee beans. These beans were brought back to Northern BC and home-roasted. This wasn’t the best cup of coffee we've ever had, but these beans sparked our passion to share the magic of small-batch coffee roasting with our friends.

Drawing inspiration from the mountains, rivers and forests that surround us, we started roasting coffee in our barn in the woods.
White Goat coffees celebrate our passion for wilderness adventures; nothing beats a great cup of coffee by a campfire.
We are excited to share what we believe is the best coffee in Northern BC. As you drink our coffee, we hope you will enjoy the journey as much as we do.

Find them in Terrace, BC.
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