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  • The Home Barista Book
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Turn A Simple Bean Into A Sensational Beverage!


You don't have to be a roaster to be a great barista, but knowing a bit about how your coffee is roasted can give you a new understanding of the power of the bean. If you want to turn your addiction into a hobby, roasting is the way to do it.


The huge number of home- brewing options now available to us makes it almost criminal (criminal!) to just stick to the tried and true. Your new favourite brew might be hiding where you least expect it.


A good coffee shouldn't taste like charcoal or potatoes, it shouldn't be underwhelming, and let's face it, it really shouldn't come from an industry that exploits its workers.


Have you ever been told a coffee has "berry undertones," only to take a sip and that it actually tastes like . . . well, coffee? Don't be disheartened!


Sure, some may frown, but milk, sugar and coffee are a power trio that have been linked for far too long to be ignored. But what to make of all those tut-tuts around soy and skinny? What about the looks of disapproval as you reach for the sugar. Never mind them, we say put whatever you darn well like into your coffee.

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