Spent Grounds Coffee Roasters Drip - Organic Brazillian (340g)

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According to The World Atlas of Coffee, Brazil has been the world's largest producer of coffee for more than 150 years.  They currently grow around one-third of the world's coffee.  It was introduced to this country from French Guiana in 1727 when Brazil was still under Portuguese rule.

Coffee production boomed between 1820 and 1830 and began to feed the global coffee market. There was a second boom in the late 1800's and into the 1900's.  By the 1920's they were producing 80% of the world's coffee.   

Better Brazilian coffees tend to have low acidity, are heavy in body and are sweet. They often have nutty and chocolate flavours.

ORIGIN: Santa Cristina, Brazil
: almond, dried apricot, honey
ROAST LEVEL: medium-light


We are a small batch artisanal roaster based in South Surrey specializing in organic, single origin roasted coffee. We bring a slice of Vancouver, with our modern and contemporary space to South Surrey, something that is desperately needed in the land of big coffee retailers. We also focus on just pour over coffees here so no espresso or lattes made. We also specialize in vegan and gluten-free local food vendors in our shop. All of the items that we sell are Canadian and are mostly small businesses that are either downtown Vancouver or are from Surrey and Langley. We believe that people would rather support small, local businesses that big box stores.

Find them in Surrey, BC.
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