Smoking Gun Coffee - Ethiopia Sidama Dara Schilicho (454g)

  • Smoking Gun Coffee Drip - Ethiopia Sidama Dara Schilicho (454g)
  • Smoking Gun Coffee - Ethiopia Sidama Dara Schilicho (454g)

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Light and bright heirloom varietal that is grown at 1800 - 1900 metres above sea level, this Sidama comes from the Dara Schilicho Washing Station where it is dry-processed, sun-dried on raised beds, and hand-sorted before it reaches the Smoking Gun roastery.

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Tasting Notes: raspberry, chocolate, lemony finish
  • Roast Level: medium-light
  • Varietals: Heirloom
  • Elevation: 1800 - 1900 metres
  • Process: dry processed, sun dried on raised beds, hand sorted


Smoking Gun coffee was created out of a passion and interest in coffee, and has grown into something completely unexpected. SG endeavours to tell the story of coffee from around the world, roasting in a style to allow the coffee to express itself through its individual flavor profile and differentiate itself from other beans and origins. Small batch roasting allows SG to ensure high quality, optimal freshness, and frequent rotation and release to expand and develop the experience of consumers. SG is passionate about developing community, collaboration, and great coffee.

Smoking Gun works with several importers who ensure fair and equitable trade with coffee producers around the world, with a focus on eliminating poverty at origin. SG sources traceable coffee’s from small farmers, and utilizes direct trade relationships between farmers and suppliers used. This ensures that farming practices and ethics are observed, coffee pricing is fair and cooperative, and investment into the development of small farms is made. If you have questions regarding sourcing, please contact us for more info.

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