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Service Centre


Our estimated repair time is 2.0 weeks.
- Updated May 16th, 2022

Our aim at Espressotec is to help you get the most out of your coffee equipment and have the best possible espresso experience. That's why our service centre and able technicians take maintenance and machine repair so seriously. We're here to help you keep your superautomatic & semi-automatic espresso machines and grinders in great shape so you can enjoy them to their fullest potential.

Our technicians are available for home & commercial service Monday to Friday, 8am to 6:30pm.

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Phone: 604-244-7989 option 3


We service espresso machines and grinders for both home and commercial applications. The two primary types of service we offer are repairs and preventative maintenance.

  • We make repairs on machines that have been damaged or worn out over time, beginning with a bench test diagnosis and ending with a general maintenance routine plus final tests and inspections. Due to the many variables at play, we do not diagnose machines over the phone or through email; we simply cannot be certain of the problem without a thorough bench test, and we don't want to take any risks with your equipment. However, we are happy to provide inspections and estimates prior to making repairs, and we'll always contact you if the estimated cost of repair exceeds the categorical maximums below. For commercial clients, we can make repairs on- or off-site.
  • Our preventative maintenance routine is designed to extend the lifetime of your machine by giving it a top-to-bottom tune-up and identifying potential issues before they arise. We take care of the labour-intensive maintenance that can't be done as easily at home, because a machine that's bright and shiny on the outside might still be plagued with build-up and clogs on the inside. If we come across any issues while so doing, we will contact you with our repair recommendations.


Grinder: $130

Semi-Automatic Machine: $150

Lever Machine: $250

Semi-Auto with Grinder: $180

Heat Exchanger / Dual Boiler: $300

Superautomatic: $300*


Please see our Service & Repairs Disclaimer for further information.


Brand Logos of Machines We Service


Our service Centre is authorized to make repairs under warranty for most of the brands we carry. In some cases, however, the warranty terms dictated by the manufacturer require the machine be returned to the company for repair or replacement. Should you experience problems with your equipment within warranty, consult us on how to proceed with repairs.

We are no longer a distributor for Gaggia products but will honour any valid warranty servicing on any Gaggia products that we have sold previously.

For detailed information on warranties and what they cover, visit our warranty page.