Saeco Pressurized Brass Portafilter Handle


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Brass automatic pressure handle is standard on most all Saeco machines. Durable and extra heft (360 grams) gives a solid feel.

Valve opens and closes automatically - you do not need to twist the handle to vary the pressure as on earlier versions..
This pressure handle fits all Saeco machines made since about 2000. The ears on this handle are almost exactly 1" long.
If you have a very old Saeco machine, such as the Rio Vapore line, check the length of the ears - if they are about 5/8" this handle won't fit and the old handle is now out of production. The only solution is to order a newer matching lower plate for the boiler ( chromed piece) and install it. This requires disassembly of the boiler and is best left to a qualified technician. Basket included.  
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