Rosso Coffee Roasters Drip - Rugali Natural (340g)

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  • Rosso Coffee Roasters Drip - Rugali Natural (340g)
  • Rosso Coffee Roasters Drip - Rugali Natural (340g)

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This is a clean and crisp natural, with lots of dark fruit qualities such as black cherries and fresh black plum, tropical notes like papaya, and a really comfortable underlying vanilla flavour.

This amazing coffee from Rugali is the first natural-processed coffee coming from the contry of Rwanda. The climate there is ideal for natural processing, as they see warm and dry daytime temperatures followed by cool nighttime temperatures. This shift from day to night really elongates the drying process, which Rosso roasters find helps define the crisp flavours.

ORIGIN: Nyamasheke, Rwanda
TASTING NOTES: black cherry, papaya, vanilla


We at Rosso have a firm belief that coffees are individualistic little storytellers that, when showcased properly, are the ultimate reward. These values will be the guiding force of Rosso's future. We will continue to develop relationships with coffee producers and share their stories as a means to ensure that both producer and consumer are achieving the best possible quality and value.

As a company, we have now traveled to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Rwanda, Myanmar, Brazil, and Colombia to purchase green coffee directly from producers, and we plan for return visits to harness and build on those relationships with the same care and intention we maintain relationships with our cafe customers and suppliers. From there, we've introduced weekly quality control programs to further understand the science behind coffee varietals, processing methods, roast profiles, brewing parameters and palette development.

At the end of the day, we're trying to facilitate a story of growth and passion. Not just our story, but the story of our coffees, their producers, and our partners.

Find them in Calgary, Alberta. | @rossocoffeeroasters

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