Rooftop Coffee Roasters Drip - Fresh Tracks Blend (340g)

  • Rooftop Coffee Roasters Drip - Fresh Tracks Blend (340g)
  • Rooftop Coffee Roasters Drip - Fresh Tracks Blend (340g)

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This is a blend of Rooftop's Organic Nicaragua from Jinotega and their Colombia from Tolima. The result yields tasting notes of dark chocolate and a caramel finish with a deep rich body.

ORIGIN: Nicaragua, Colombia
TASTING NOTES: dark chocolate, caramel
ROAST LEVEL: medium-light


The inception of our family-run operation is unconventional to say the least. In July 2016, we launched our small roastery with one cafe client, a handful of retail customers, and a 17-year-old head roaster. At the time the team's past business experience spanned many industries, except the coffee industry. Oh, and we were coming out of the gate with a mantra of light roasted coffee and “Single Origin, Single Speed” in the dark roast dominated town of Fernie, BC. Do we sound crazy yet? 

After a summer of slinging single origin coffee at local Farmer’s Markets, we realized that Rooftop was carving its place in the Kootenays. As our head roaster’s first day of classes in Env. Engineering loomed menacingly on the horizon, we knew we couldn’t rely solely on the abilities of any one person. To bolster the roasting chops of our entire team, we sought out education.  

This led us to completing an intense intermediate SCA Pathways program in sensory, green coffee selection and roasting in October 2016. The decision to seek out this instruction from our mentor, Patrick O’Malley, was a defining moment in our history. This gave us the knowledge and tools to create our roasting style, it is the foundation of what our coffee is today. 

We’ve come a long way since our early days of home roasting on the rooftop. For starters, our shop is at ground-level (contrary to popular belief) and we are no longer roasting 250 grams at a time, in a tiny electric roaster. However, cracking open a bag of green coffee still inspires in us the same wonder and excitement, and we can’t wait to see where it will take us next. 

Find them in Fernie, BC. | @rooftopcoffeeroasters

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