Rocket - Espresso Tamper Station

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A great barista tool for form and function. This tamping station is the perfect accessory for any Rocket Espresso machine. Fits right next to your machine and makes it even easier to perfect your tamp. Made exclusively for Rocket Espresso.

Colour : Stainless steel, black
Size: 7" x 4 "
Body Material: Steel & Rubber

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    Must-Have, Especially for Single Shot Users

    Posted by Andrew on 2015 Jun 17th

    This kind of accessory may be seen as an extravagance by many espresso machine users; however, that might be an mis-judgement.

    True. For the user who only pulls double-shots with a double size porta-filter, or users of the bottomless porta-filter handle, this tool might not as important. For these users, a simple rubber tamp matt may be all that is required to protect the countertop and make for an even well pressed tamp but, for the user who pulls single shots with a single shot porta-filter handle, a tool like this is indispensable.

    Due to the asymmetrical shape of most single-shot porta-filter handles, or the un-even bottom of some porta-filter designs, it can be very difficult to get an even, consistent, well pressured tamp on the countertop. This is where this tool comes in handy. It provides a stable, notched holder for the porta-filter, to allow an even tamp of your coffee.

    As with the single porta-filter handle, it also raises a Double porta-filter handle off of the countertop, protecting your work surface from wear and tear; while providing a stable balanced base for tamping.

    For exclusive users of a bottomless porta-filter handle, this base raises the tamping surface to protect your knuckles from the countertop and The rubberized top of the holder is still appropriate for tamping a bottomless porta-filter handle. For some users, this kind of tamping station may not be necessary, and a traditional rubber tamp matt may be preferable; however, if you need a compact but appropriately sized tamping station that can do it all, regardless of which porta-filter type you use, this is a great choice.

    The materials are of good quality, and the style is a great match for most espresso machines.

    All components are rubberized and can be oriented for left or right-handed users. There is little to no flex or shifting under use when appropriately seated, and it gives the impression of quality in the home environment. Size is moderate to small, and it takes up less space than a traditional tamping matt. Clean-up is easy and maintenance requires only basic wipe-down after use.

    A tool like this assists in your preparation of consistent quality espresso, while staying out of the way when not in use. Compared to a basic tamping matt, it is relatively unobtrusive and functional, without being excessive in size or design.

    Recommended for the average to skilled user in both Home and light commercial environments. Heavy commercial cafe environments may find other solutions more appropriate.

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    perfect,for right or left hand people!

    Posted by bruno on 2014 Jun 4th

    very nice,great quality!Since everything is removable from the mat,you can swicth the elements and it s great for left hand people!( even the logon is removable to keep it clean!)

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