Rancilio Rocky Doserless Espresso Grinder

  • Rancilio Rocky Doserless Espresso Grinder
  • Rancilio Rocky Doserless Espresso Grinder
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Simple to use, produces a high quality grind, and built to last, the Rancilio Rocky is an excellent grinder for home and light-duty commercial use. The doserless version offers great versatility for your various grinding needs.

The Rancilio Rocky Doserless is here with a redesigned coffee drip tray and a new smoked blue "bean hopper" to help keep UV rays out! Grind to order with the doserless model! The "portafilter fork" is even removable to grind espresso, drip grind or heaven forbid, percolator grind for grandma, into a container (max. 5 1/2" high).

A new switch on the lower front of the Rocky activates the grinder motor (in addition to the main power switch on the side). We still recommend the Rocky Doser if you are making more than a few drinks during the day since the doser acts as a handy receptacle for any extra precious coffee that is ground in error. We are asked on a regular basis which model to choose - doser or doserless. Our answer - whichever one you choose, you will wish you had the other one 50% of the time!

The Rocky uses the same hardened steel cutting burrs as the Rancilio MD40 commercial grinder and has a heavy-duty thermally protected motor. Because the Rocky uses large 50mm (2 inch) cutting burrs, the powerful motor is able to run at a lower RPM. This ensures that the coffee does not burn and also makes the Rocky a very fast and quiet grinder (without beans grinding, the motor is virtually silent). Its high throughput of coffee (about 8 seconds per shot) will reward you time and time again, when you are in a hurry or late for work.

Although called grinders, true espresso grinders, such as the Rocky, more properly cut the coffee. This ensures that the coffee packs easily and provides consistent resistance regardless of the tamp pressure. The Rocky has a nearly infinite range of settings for super accurate espresso settings. and can easily handle extra-fine settings such as what's required by the Rancilio Silvia.
This is no light-weight grinder
Weighing in at over 17 lbs, the main body of the grinder is constructed out of die-cast aluminum, painted over with porcelain-enamel paint for durability and scratch-resistance The painted iron-frame underneath provides long-term strength. The 304-brushed stainless steel accent is the same finish as the Silvia, but will look good beside any espresso machine.

Built to last a lifetime
Professionals will change the burrs after 500 lbs, but most residential users should get 750 lbs easily with no adverse effect on their espresso. Lets see... at 63 espressos per pound and 1 lb per week, well you do the math!

Which Rocky grinder to buy - doser or doserless?
The Rocky Doser is handy for larger volume users and also acts as a handy receptacle if you overfill your basket. You can also "grind to order;" just turn on the grinder and keep flicking the lever until your basket is full. With the Rocky Doserless, just place your portafilter handle under the spout and grind - you will soon perfect the art of gauging the correct amount. Remove the "stainless fork" and you can grind large amounts of coffee into a storage container or equivalent.

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Additional Information

Manufactured in:
Brushed Stainless
Body Material:
8.62 kg
Amperage (Circuit):
Motor Wattage:
Motor Speed:
1725 RPM
Burr Type:
Burr Diameter:
Burr Material:
Hardened Steel
Grinder Adjustment:
Switch Position:
Front Left
Bean Hopper Capacity:
Doser Type:
Dose Amount:
Doser Bin Capacity:
Grounds Container Capacity:
Shipping restriction:
This product can only be delivered within Canada
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