Rancilio Rocky Doser Espresso Grinder

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  • Rancilio Rocky Doser Grinder
  • Rancilio Rocky Doser Grinder
  • Rancilio Rocky Doser Grinder

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Simple to use, produces a high quality grind, and built to last, the Rancilio Rocky is an excellent grinder for home and light-duty commercial use. The doser version makes it easy to grind beforehand in anticipation of heavy duty coffee requirements.

The Rancilio Rocky Doser comes with a redesigned coffee drip tray and still uses the same hardened steel burr cutting disks as the Rancilio MD40 commercial grinder and has a heavy-duty thermally protected motor. Because the Rocky uses large 50mm (2 inch) cutting disks, the powerful motor is able to run at a lower RPM. This ensures that the coffee does not burn and also makes the Rocky grinder very fast and quiet. Its high throughput of coffee (8 seconds per shot) will reward you time and time again, when you are in a hurry or late for work.

Although called grinders, true espresso grinders, such as the Rocky, more properly cut the coffee. This ensures that the coffee packs easily and provides consistent resistance regardless of the tamp pressure. The Rocky has a nearly infinite range of settings for super accurate espresso settings and can easily handle extra-fine settings such as what's required by the Rancilio Silvia. The Rancilio Rocky Doser grinder also has a 30 shot doser capable of accurately dispensing multiple espresso shots if desired. This is a great feature if you are having a dinner party or are in an office environment, but for one or two espresso occasions we still prefer the more ritualistic and Barista-approved shot-on-demand method - grind, flick, flick, flick!

This is no light-weight grinder
Weighing in at over 17 lbs, the main body of the grinder is constructed out of die-cast aluminum, painted over with porcelain-enamel paint for durability and scratch-resistance. The painted iron-frame underneath provides long-term strength. The 304-brushed stainless steel accent is the same finish as the Silvia, but will look good beside any espresso machine.

Built to last a lifetime
Professionals will change the burrs after 500 lbs, but most residential users should get 750 lbs easily with no adverse effect on their espresso. Lets see... at 63 espressos per lb and 1 lb per week, well you do the math.

Which Rocky grinder to buy - doser or doserless?

The Rocky Doser is handy for larger volume users and also acts as a handy receptacle if you overfill your basket. You can also "grind to order;" just turn on the grinder and keep flicking the lever until your basket is full. With the Rocky Doserless, just place your portafilter handle under the spout and grind - you will soon perfect the art of gauging the correct amount. Remove the "stainless fork" and you can grind large amounts of coffee into a storage container or equivalent.

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Additional Information

Manufactured in:
Brushed Stainless
Body Material:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
14" x 4.5" x 9.5"
8.62 kg
Amperage (Circuit):
Motor Wattage:
Motor Speed:
1725 RPM
Burr Type:
Burr Diameter:
Burr Material:
Hardened Steel
Grinder Adjustment:
Switch Position:
Right Side
Doser Type:
Doser Bin
Dose Amount:
Adjustable Dose
Bean Hopper Capacity:
Doser Bin Capacity:
Grounds Container Capacity:
Shipping restriction:
This product can only be delivered within Canada
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16 Reviews

  • 5
    More than I expected

    Posted by Nate on 2015 Dec 10th

    Our first real home grinder so not much to compare it to but we were not led astray by this recommendation. Very satisfied with the quality of build and ease of use, size is perfect for even a kitchen with little counter / overhead space. Consistent grind and easily adjustable.

  • 5
    Don't settle for less

    Posted by Paul on 2015 Jan 18th

    After a string of cheaper grinders failed to produce the grind quality I was looking for, I decided to buy a Rocky to match my Rancillio Sylvia and am thrilled that I did. This is one grinder that lives up to its stellar reputation. The build quality is very good with a grind variation and quality that is excellent. This grinder will take you from gravel to the finest powder to meet all of your needs. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Excellent product, excellent service

    Posted by Grant on 2014 Sep 26th

    I have been wanting a Rancillio Rocky for about 6-months since since my last grinder died. I live near Calgary so figured I'd try to just drive in and pick one up, rather than have one shipped. I found the Rancillio at a few shops, but when I went to get it they were either out of stock, priced 20% higher, or the person on the phone snarled at me. I sat in my truck in a hot parking lot, frustrated.

    Then I went to the Espressotec website.

    I got my Silvia through Espressotec 7 years ago and everything was flawless. So I sat there in my truck and tried to remember my login information. After getting logged in I found the Rocky. The price was the best yet, and the shipping was free! I ordered it right there, and they said it would be delivered within days. I drove home happy.

    Sure enough, 4 days later my grinder arrived and I pulled the most awesome shot of espresso I have had in a long time.

    I am not sure why I didn't just order from Espressotec at the start instead of driving into the city. I guess I'm a bit old school and figured buying in person would be best, but I was wrong. The price was better, the convenience better and the service was perfect through Espressotech.

    Now my coffee is perfect too, so thanks!

  • 5
    Lives up to the billing

    Posted by Rich&Dark on 2014 Sep 18th

    If you enjoy your espresso as much as I do then it pays to invest in a great grinder (NO PODS in this house). If you are fussy about your beans then you should ensure that you are getting the most from them. This grinder delivers. I am using less coffee and getting more flavor extraction. My previous grinder was good; the Rancilio is significantly better. Pay the additional $ for the doser, with a little practice you pull the correct amount of coffee grounds with no wasted coffee grounds

  • 5
    Rancilio Dreams/Great Combo!

    Posted by MGP-EspressoLover on 2014 Aug 29th

    So - the hype is so true. One has to buy the grinder BEFORE the Espresso Machine (or at the same time.) The Rocky and Miss Silva together make by far the best brew I've had in BC. Of course you have to add perfect Cafe D'arte beans! But its all true - perfect grind... Miss Silva purrs!

  • 5
    One of the best

    Posted by Isaac on 2014 Apr 15th

    I purchased the Rocky doser brand new a month back and have been using it in conjunction with my NS Oscar. This grinder has great grind sensitivity and the quiet running motor is superb! Such a solid product.
    I would purchase again in the future if i ever needed to and would highly recommend this grinder to anyone needing a semi-commercial grade, quality grinder.

  • 5
    A great machine

    Posted by zbler on 2012 Dec 12th

    This grinder is built like a tank. It's simple and effective. The large burrs make very little noise and grind the beans to perfection. Perfect machine for home use.

  • 4
    Rancilio Grinder

    Posted by Stephen Tomini on 2012 Dec 12th

    Perfect partner to the Silvia. Solid performance, great range of grinds, easy to use.

  • 4
    Great grinder but buy the doserless!

    Posted by Jeremy Carr on 2012 Dec 12th

    My first experience with home made espresso was almost two months ago, I went in to Espressotec and knew exactly what I wanted to buy; the Rancilio Silvia. I also did myself a great favor and bought some of Espressotec's beans and had them all ground up since I didn't have a grinder at the time and sure enough the grind was a perfect match for my Silvia. Over the next few weeks I would buy ground coffee from the various micro-roasters. I quickly decided I would buy myself a grinder so I could have the freshest coffee I could have and so I went to Espressotec and bought myself a Rancilio Rocky Doser version and took it home and proceeded to grind up coffee. The Rocky has too many grind increments to count and if you need more than what the Rocky has then go buy a Mazzer Mini, but with my experience thus far the Rocky grinds great coffee for my machine, just as good as the machines at Artigiano or JJ Bean. So are there any negatives? YES! Just like the product description says, you might just want the 'other' model 50% of the time depending on whether you're making just a shot for yourself or for others. My opinion on the matter is fairly simple, buy the doserless. Period. The doser is a plastic hopper with paddles that paddle your coffee down a chute into the portafilter, unfortunately there is never an exact drop of coffee with every pull of the lever and what happens you usually make a mess instead of staying clean. If you go with the Doserless Rocky you can at least fit a bowl underneath the spout to catch any stray coffee grounds, or store coffee grounds that you will quickly be using for guests. If I could exchange my Doser Rocky for a Doserless, I'd do it in a heartbeat, its the difference between liking a product and loving it.

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