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Rancilio - 4-Hole Steam Wand Tip (1.1mm)

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A longer, 4-hole (1.1mm diameter each) steam wand tip for Rancilio commercial espresso machines. Can also be fitted on the Silvia Pro wand.

Many users find that the standard 3 hole tip steam wand does a great job, but during high traffic scenarios there is not enough steam flow. Furthermore, users who switched to the 4 hole steam tips, which are found on the larger Rancilio commercial espresso machines, find that too much steam is delivered, thus rapidly depleting the boiler pressure.

The Power steam tip is specifically engineered to provide more steam flow than the standard 3 hole tip, but at an efficient rate that does not drain the boiler pressure as quickly as the 4 hole tip.

Fits most -3/8" D steam wands and is 1" L.

Part # 23.000.121

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