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Rancilio Classe 5 ST 1 Group Commercial Espresso Machine

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The Classe 5 line of espresso machines from Rancilio are a benchmark in commercial-grade espresso machines. With over 90 years of espresso-making experience, Rancilio continues to innovate with new technology backed up with proven durability in every one of their machines - and Classe 5s are no exception, they are powerful, easy to use, stable under load, and low-maintenance.

The Classe 5 is a traditional heat exchanger espresso machine containing an efficient single boiler, generously sized for the application. Even under demand, the boilers produce enough steam to maintain a steady supply of steam without compromising the temperature of the espresso. The integrated group head aids in consistency by reducing exposure to ambient air flow, preventing temperature fluctuation.

Both the C-levers and specially-angled portafilter handles have been ergonomically designed for comfort, safety, and efficiency. The baskets lay flat when rested on a countertop, and the palm grip fits in the hand perfectly to minimize strain. The “grid system,” which uses plastic slatted panels on the drip tray under the group head, simplifies cleaning and prevents coffee buildup, which can stain the bottom of a cup. The integrated hydro hub, another Rancilio exclusive, aids in the diagnostics process and facilitates easy machine maintenance for the technician.

Classe 5 ST1

The Classe 5 ST is equipped with a water tank, which means it requires no water plumb-in and is completely portable. It can be used with a drain line or an included drain tray. The ST1 is equipped with vibratory pump, and single coffee delivery button for reliable, budget-friendly operation for catering specialty coffee beverages at events or at home.

Model Lineup

Options available include YouSteam (full sized machines), Pod adapters and cup heaters. Form Factors include 1 group, 2 group, 2 group compact and 3 group in Ice White or Anthracite Black.

One group machines (single portafilter) are available in three models. All feature standard 3.9 L boiler and Rancilio durability and quality. 

YouSteam is a semi-automatic way to steam milk by inexperienced (or experienced) barista’s. It requires minimal training and is essentially a manual version of Rancilio’s impressive i-steam. It makes effortless microfoam even without experience and does it almost hands free.

When shifted from first to second position, the YouSteam steam wand injects air along with steam into the milk, creating microfoam. When sufficient microfoam has been made, switch to the first position; the steam wand continues to heat the milk. A frothing thermometer will help inexperienced barista to turn off at the exact moment. Let settle and serve! It’s easy for the newest or busiest barista to steam perfect milk, every time.

Pods and Adapters: Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods are a clean and simple way to offer decaf or other coffee without having bags of whole beans and a grinder on hand—and with a pod adapter, they can be used with any Rancilio Classe 5 espresso machine.

The passive cup warmer keeps cups at a stable, elevated temperature. This prolongs the lifespan of the espresso shots served within, helping prevent loss of flavour and aroma. 

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Additional Information

Manufactured in:
110 V
Heating Power Steam:
Heating Power Coffee:
Peak Power (Watt):
Dimensions (L x W x H) cm:
53.34 x 40.64 x 53.34
Anthracite black, Ice White
Body Material:
Stainless Steel, ABS and nylon panels
Weight (kg):
Boiler Material:
Active Cup Warmer:
Element Control:
Pressure stat
Portafilter type:
Tamper Size:
Volumetric Dosing:
Pump Type:
Max Pump Pressure:
15 Bar
Operating Brew Pressure:
9 Bar
Backflush Capable:
Heat up Time:
20 mins.
Automatic Frothing:
Boiler Capacity (Steam):
4 L
Boiler Capacity (Brew):
Boiler Layout:
Heat exchanger
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