Puro Grinder Cleaning Tablets 430g

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Puro Grinder Cleaning tablets developed organically by Urnex to easily clean coffee grinder burrs and casings without having to disassemble the grinder; simply add pellets to your empty bean hopper and grind as usual. Formulated with all natural ingredients, completely food safe and leaves no residual flavour. It is perfect for regular coffee grinder cleaning and also for flushing grinders to remove flavoured coffee residue when changing bean types. The tablets are compatible with all free-standing home and commercial burr coffee grinders.

Application Notes:

  • 430g jar contains enough tablets for approximately 6-12 commercial grinder cleanings (depending on specific size)
  • Formulated for regular cleaning & flushing of home and commercial burr coffee grinders
  • This product is not for use with built-in grinders on super-automatic espresso machines

This product is only available for shipping within Canada.

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