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Portafilter Handle Pump Pressure Gauge Kit

  • Portafilter Pump Pressure Gauge Kit
  • Portafilter Pump Pressure Gauge Kit
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Can be used with most commercial portafilter handles. Use this gauge to adjust your rotary pump or OPV to the desired 8-9 bar pump pressure.

This kit allows you to turn nearly any commercial style portafilter handle (standard 3/8 thread found on almost all commercial handles) into a pump pressure reading portafilter handle. Use this tool to properly adjust your OPV (over pressure valve, usually for home machines) or your rotary pump (nearly all commercial machines).

To install simply remove your existing single or double spout by turning it counterclockwise. Place the water screen and polyurethane o-ring in the elbow connector, then tighten it on the handle. Lastly, tighten the pressure gauge to the elbow. To prevent any leaks, use some Teflon tape (plumber's tape) to seal the connections.

When adjusting your OPV (over pressure valve) or rotary pump, lock the handle into the group head and initiate the brew cycle, the final gauge reading should be at 8 to 9 bars (117.6 to 132 psi).

*Note: This kit contains the pressure gauge, teflon o-ring, water screen/filter, and the connector elbow


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