Here at Espressotec, we pride ourselves on connecting coffee lovers with top-quality equipment, parts and service — including warranties and expedited shipping. Our prices include these services, as well as the energy it takes to ensure every customer receives the highest level of care. We do, however, strive to offer competitive rates, and we try to price-match wherever we can.

Here are a few of our price-match policies:

  • We can only price-match those of our direct competitors in Canada. This excludes large box-stores or companies like Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, The Bay, etc.
  • Proof of price must be provided in the form of a printed ad (from a newspaper, magazine, flyer, etc.) or a link to a website, or an email offer, and verified by Espressotec staff. Online classified ads or coupon-based discounts will not be considered.
  • Price matching must be applied to the same product (i.e. same manufacturer, same model, same colour, etc.) featured in the competitor’s ad.
  • The price in question must apply to a new product that the retailer currently has in stock.
  • We will attempt to match bonus items with our own stock, at our sole discretion.

If you’ve found a price offered by one of our direct Canadian competitors that you’d like us to match, send us a copy of the advertisement or the website URL with a message using the form below: