Philips Saeco Granbaristo Focus Superautomatic Espresso Machine (Demo) (4544)

Philips Saeco Granbaristo Focus Superautomatic Espresso Machine (Demo) (4544)

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This machine served us well as our demo model here in the store, making the occasional drink for interested coffee-lovers. It has now been relieved of its duties, fully cleaned and restored to almost brand-new condition. Warranty included!

About the Granbaristo Focus

Enjoy a unique variety of 16 one touch specialties.

The Philips Saeco Granbaristo Focus superautomatic espresso machine is the premier bean-to-cup machine in the Saeco lineup. Its performance and features match its clean looks, this combination makes the Granbaristo a highly desired espresso machine.

Ease of Use

Bean to Cup
For each coffee beverage, coffee beans are ground fresh for that drink to provide maximum flavour.

Quick Heat-up Time
The Granbaristo is ready in under 90 seconds.

Instant Steam
With two boilers, the Granbaristo is ready to steam in under 15 seconds. 

Upto 6 user profiles can be programmed giving each person in the household access to their personalized beverages. 

Upto 16 beverages can be programmed per user profile giving each person control over beverage characteristics such as strength, coffee volume, milk quantity, foam, etc. 

One Touch Cappuccino (OTC)
The Granbaristo can create cappuccinos, lattes, and other milk beverages at the touch of a button. 

Digital Display
The large screen adds style and usability with large recognizable icons and clear text.

Automated Cleaning Cycles
Keeping the Granbaristo Focus brewing fresh tasting beverages is simple with automated rinsing, cleaning tablet, descaling, milk carafe purging, and milk carafe cleaning cycles.


Singles or Doubles
Simply press a beverage icon once for a single or twice for a double. When a double is selected the Granbaristo Focus will display two of the selected icons on the display and will run through two consecutive cycles.

Saeco Brew System (SBS)
The SBS knob, located on the coffee dispenser, adjusts the pressure much like a barista would tamp their coffee. Rotate clockwise for a bolder taste or rotate counter-clockwise for a smoother taste. 

3 Espresso Beverages
Each user can customize their Ristretto, Espresso and Espresso Lungo. 

Saeco Adaptive System
Another new feature on the Granbaristo Focus is the Saeco Adapting System. With this feature, the machine automatically adjusts itself to optimize the extraction of coffee to produce perfect crema on your espresso, and maximize the release of aromas from the coffee. After several coffees, the machine will know the correct compression (tamp) pressure of the coffee to obtain a creamy, delicious espresso coffee.

Programmable Drink Parameters
The espresso beverages can be personalized by adjusting these parameters: Coffee Amount, Prebrewing, Coffee Temperature, and Coffee Length. 

Lattes, Cappuccinos, etc.

Dual Chamber Milk Carafe
The Granbaristo Focus has a removable milk carafe which can be stored in the fridge. When preparing a milk beverage, simply attach the milk carafe to the front of the unit, rotate the milk dispenser towards the center, and then select the beverage you prefer. 

The Granbaristo Focus will draw milk from the carafe and froth automatically inside the milk carafe lid. It then dispenses the frothed milk directly into your cup. With the Dual Chambers ensure long lasting dense milk foam providing a high quality product.

4 Customizable Milk Beverages
Each user can customize three milk beverages: Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Espresso Macchiato, and Caffe Latte

Programmable Drink Parameters
The milk beverages can be personalized by adjusting these parameters: Coffee Amount, Prebrewing, Coffee Temperature, Coffee Length, Milk Length, and Milk Foam.

Special Beverages

Manual Steam Wand
The Granbaristo Focus is fitted with an automatic dual chamber milk carafe and a manual steam wand. To manually steam, press the Special button, then select steam. The Granbaristo Focus will start producing steam in under 15 seconds and will continue to steam and until Stop is pressed on the display.

Hot Milk

To dispense frothed milk using the milk carafe, simply press Hot Milk after pressing the Special icon. The milk volume and froth can be customized for each user making it easy to create hot chocolates or to add milk to your coffee.

Espresso Macchiato

To create your personalized espresso macchiato simply select this beverage icon. 

American Coffee

For a hot rich cup of coffee simply press American Coffee under the Special icon. The American Coffee runs extra water through a strong double shot of espresso to produce a bold cup Americano.

Each user can program the volume and temperature in programming to have their coffee the way they like it.

Ceramic Burr Grinder

Ceramic Burr Grinder
The ceramic burr grinder ensures a consistent fine espresso grind. The ceramic burrs keep the coffee cool when grinding and are long lasting.

Adjustable Grind Settings
For different types and roasts of beans, the Granbaristo Focus is fitted with 5 grind settings to ensure a proper grind for each shot.

Bypass Doser
To use a different type of coffee or for your evening cup of decaf latte, use the bypass doser to add 1 scoop your choice of pre-ground coffee to create any of the 16 personalized beverages. Press the coffee strength button until a scoop is displayed indicating the bypass function is selected. 

Aroma Preservation Lid
The seal created from the bean hopper lid is designed to keep the beans fresher longer.

Additional Features

Hot Water
Press the Hot Water icon one the display, it looks like a cup with a tea bag, and hot water will start dispensing out of the steam wand. In programming you can customize the amount of hot water that gets dispensed making teas or Americano's more consistent for each user.

Adjustable Coffee Strength
Feeling a little sluggish and need a stronger beverage? Simply press the bean icon to choose between 6 different coffee strengths to override the personalized beverage setting. 

Stainless Steel Finish
Being the premier machine, the Granbaristo Focus sports a clean and classy stainless steel body. 

ECO Mode
The Granbaristo Focus also features an Eco-Mode option. In this mode, only the coffee boiler is activated, reducing the amount of energy consumption. When selecting milk-based beverages, the boiler will have to heat up to froth milk. If Eco-Mode is turned off, milk-based beverages are produced much quicker, at the expense of increased energy consumption. 

Energy Saving Mode
The Granbaristo Focus can be programmed to enter energy saving mode in intervals of 15 mins to help reduce power consumption. In this mode the Granbaristo Focus will stay at half of its operating temperature and will be ready to produce a beverage in under 45 seconds. To exit this mode simply press anywhere on the display.

Saeco includes the following items with this unit:

  • Grinder cleaning brush
  • Saeco Intenza water filter
  • Plastic Milk container
  • Saeco brew unit lubricant
  • Saeco liquid descaler
  • Water hardness test strip

*Items may change without prior notice



Manufacturer: Philips Saeco
Manufactured In: Italy
Colour: Black
Dimensions (H x W x D): 36.1 x 20.6 x 46
Weight: 13.0kg
Voltage: 15A
Boiler Type: 120V
Boiler Material: Thermoblock
Element Wattage: Stainless steel
Boiler Autofill: Yes
Active Cup Warmer: No
Heat Up Time: Approx. 60 Seconds
Steam Wait Time: 30 Seconds
Programmable Drinks: 18
Programmable Shot Volume: Yes
Adjustable Shot Temperature: No
On-the-fly Adjustments: No
Pump Type: Vibration
Maximum Pump Pressure: 15 Bar
Water Reservoir Size: 1.7L
Plumb-in Capable: No
Bypass Doser: Yes
Strength Levels: 6
Programmable Strength: Yes
Brew Unit Size: Saeco Standard
Grind Adjustment: Yes
Burr Type: Flat
Burr Diameter: 48mm
Burr Material: Ceramic
Bean Hopper Capacity: 270g
Descaling Cycle: Yes
Cleaning Cycle: Yes
Rinse Cycle: Yes
Grounds Bin Capacity: 20 Servings
Hot Water Dispenser: Yes
Programmable Hot Water Length: Yes
Manual Steam Wand: No
Automatic Frothing: Yes
Milk Carafe Capacity: 500ml
One Touch Cappuccino (OTC): Yes
Illuminated Brewing Area: No
Maximum Coffee Spout Clearance: 165mm
Maximum Frother Spout Clearance: 165mm
Adjustable Espresso Spout Height: 75-165mm
Adjustable Frother Spout Height: NA
Programmable Power On: No
Programmable Power Off: No
Energy Savings Mode: No
Shipping restriction: This product can only be delivered within Canada