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Our Company

Since 1997, Espressotec Sales & Service has provided Canada and many other countries worldwide with espresso solutions that work – from espresso machines and equipment made by the coffee industry’s leading brands, to repairs and service completed in-house by our devoted team of technicians. Our mission is to provide our coffee-loving customers with the best espresso experience possible.



The brands we carry here at Espressotec are the brands we believe in. We love working with companies like Rancilio, Mazzer, Rocket, Jura, La Marzocco and more, because their products are the best of both tried-and-true tradition and cutting-edge technology. Quality, consistency, and reliability are our first and foremost priorities.



Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than connecting fellow coffee-lovers – be they home baristas, café owners, commercial retailers or corporate clients – with the perfect espresso solution. Whether it’s a coffee machine for the office, replacement parts, a latte art tutorial, or freshly roasted coffee, our knowledgeable staff work hard from start to satisfied finish to ensure your needs are met. So speak up – let us know what you need and we’ll do our utmost to deliver a positive espresso experience.



Our customer service commitment doesn’t end with a sale – we’re here to keep your espresso equipment in fine working order so you can enjoy them to their fullest potential. Our team of experienced technicians provide warranties, preventative maintenance, and repairs for machines manufactured by almost all of the brands we carry. Bring your technical questions to our Service Centre and our specialists would be happy to assist you.



Gathering the coffee community together around coffee to talk about… coffee. That’s our idea of a good time! From product exhibitions to latte art competitions, café tours to espresso catering, we’re delighted to host, attend, sponsor and support the events that get folks excited about coffee. By so doing, we hope to help push the local and global coffee industry to even higher heights. 



To further enhance your espresso experience and help you get the most out of your machine, we offer an ever-growing program of barista skills classes and workshops, held in our Barista Lab. These are designed for home or commercial baristas and coffee lovers of every level. Our sales staff and technicians can also instruct you on the correct cleaning, installation, operation and maintenance procedures for your espresso machines and grinders. Find even more information, guides, how-tos and tips on our Resources page and our YouTube channel.



Equipping cafés, hotels, restaurants, retailers, and roasters with the espresso supplies and resources they need is perhaps the most exciting side of our business, because we get to see the clients we’ve helped pass that positive experience on to other coffee lovers, time and time again. For these accounts we provide not only a wide selection of top-tier commercial espresso machines and grinders at a competitive rate, but shipping, installation, training, coffee supplies, and regular maintenance as well. We go the extra mile whenever we can to make sure everything flows together smoothly – because peace of mind truly is priceless.


We work and play in our beautiful showroom in Vancouver’s Strathcona neighbourhood, close to many of the coffee roasters and cafes we love and serve. Our 10,000-square-foot location also houses a sizable warehouse, our service and repairs department, and a fully-equipped Barista Lab where most of our events and product demonstrations take place. Come for the coffee toys, stay for the company — visit us soon!