Nuova Simonelli Naked/Bottomless Portafilter Handle (2181)

Nuova Simonelli Naked/Bottomless Portafilter Handle (2181)


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The 58mm. naked/bottomless portafilter handle for Nuova Simonelli espresso machines. Triple basket included.

The handles come with a retaining spring and a 21 gram triple shot basket! Also you can still fit your double, single, or blind (cleaning) basket into the naked handle.

A few reasons to buy a naked portafilter handle:
  • Increased levels of crema since the coffee goes directly from the basket to your cup and no crema is lost in the pouring spouts
  • Less spilling since there are no spouts for the coffee to drip out of after you pull your shot, with the naked handle the coffee in the basket retains excess water
  • Less cleaning since you don't need to worry about cleaning out the bottoms of your portafilter handles anymore
  • Better shots since you can judge your tamping by the flow/pour of the coffee, if the pour is a single stream then there is adequate tamping vs if it pours out of several streams or spurts erratically then there isn't adequate tamping force
  • Easily switch between any basket by pushing out your existing basket from the back, this saves you from reaching for a screwdriver to pry out the basket or using your fingernails