Mavea Purity C300 Quell ST Water Filter Cartridge

  • Mavea Purity C300 Quell ST Water Filter Cartridge
  • Mavea Purity C300 Quell ST Water Filter Cartridge
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The Mavea filter cartridge reduces harmful hard water deposits from entering machines and clogging/damaging the system.

A very important addition to preserving the functioning and condition of machines.

It's important to use a water softener for your commercial espresso machine if you are in an area with hard water. Hard water contains calcium carbonate (and other minerals) which turns to scale when heated in an espresso machine. These deposits can seriously degrade the performance of the machine, until it fails completely.  If you are not sure how hard your water is, refer to our water hardness page, which lists hardness for many areas in North America.  Water softeners protect your investment by preventing harmful scale build-ups which can cause costly downtime and repair bills.

The Mavea Purity C300 Quell ST also reduces heavy metal ions such as lead, copper & magnesium.

The Mavea Purity water filtration system uses IntelliBypass technology, which ensures consistent water flow despite inlet water fluctuations.

The Mavea is a replaceable water filtration system that doesn't require the tedious task of resin regeneration. Filter cartridge replacement is quick and simple.
Mavea Purity C300 Quell ST water filtration cartridges can be installed on a variety of equipment (coffee machines, ice machines, dishwashers, etc) for protection against damaging scale deposits. The advantages of water softeners are:
Immediate in terms of service
  • better espresso
  • compact, crystal-clear ice
  • brilliant glassware and dishes
Profitable in operating terms
  • energy savings
  • longer equipment life
  • lower maintenance costs
  • less detergent consumed
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