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Jura Cool Control Mini Milk Cooler (0.6L)

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  • Jura Cool Control Mini Milk Cooler (0.6L)
  • Jura Cool Control Mini Milk Cooler (0.6L)
  • Jura Cool Control Mini Milk Cooler (0.6L)

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Keep the lattes coming with the Jura Milk Cool Control Mini! No more crying over spilled milk... No more spoilage, no ice, no mess.

The Cool Control Mini keeps up to 0.6L of milk at a safe and stable 4°C so it's always on hand, ready for frothing. Perfect for a busy household or office environment, it provides a sanitary and convenient alternative to pitchers and carafes that require trips back and forth to the fridge. Furthermore, the cooler is designed to keep milk at a lower level than the milk frother on the espresso machine when placed side-by-side, which eliminates any potential dripping. It's the ideal companion for your beloved Jura superautomatic espresso machine!

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