Jura Cool Control Basic Milk Cooler (1L) (2298)

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  • Jura Cool Control Basic Milk Cooler (1L) (2298)
  • Jura Cool Control Basic Milk Cooler (1L) (2298)


The richest, silkiest, best-tasting foam is best achieved when the milk is cool and fresh... which is why the Jura Cool Control 1 Litre Milk Cooler makes the perfect companion for any Jura superautomatic espresso machine! The stainless steel vacuum vessel maintains a temperature of 4°C, or as much as 25°C below the ambient room temperature, so you can keep your dairy fresh and conveniently accessible at all times. It also senses when the container has been removed and automatically switches off the cooling function to conserve energy. Best of all, it can communicate with your machine to indicate when it no longer contains enough milk for a selected milk-based beverage, so your dynamic coffee duo will serve up Jura's ultimate latte and cappuccino perfection!

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