Jura Impressa GIGA X7 Professional Superautomatic Espresso Machine

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  • Jura Impressa GIGA X7 Professional Superautomatic Espresso Machine
  • Jura Impressa GIGA X7 Professional Superautomatic Espresso Machine
  • Jura Impressa GIGA X7 Professional Superautomatic Espresso Machine
  • Jura Impressa GIGA X7 Professional Superautomatic Espresso Machine

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With over 19 specialty beverages, 12 programmable coffees and a choice between 3 different sources of coffee, the Jura Giga X7 Professional is able to indulge your taste buds myriad of choices.

Jura's Impressa GIGA X7 Professional is a superautomatic coffee center with a bold design. Smooth, clean lines, elegant accents, and attention to detail make the GIGA X7 Professional a masterpiece from any angle. High-end materials, a rich platinum metallic treatment for the front and top with tasteful chrome accents, contrast with matte black side panels, for a decidedly upscale look.

The GIGA X7 Professional is designed for office use. The Jura Impressa GIGA X7 Professional will produce full bodied espresso with thick crema, frothy cappuccino, latte's, cafe creme (an aromatic full-bodied coffee with golden crema on top) and Cafe Americano's all at the touch of a button.

Using the new Jura Impressa GIGA X7 Professional is simple, intuitive and quick. With the centrally mounted, unique rotary dial you can adjust coffee strength, amount of water and temperature to suit your personal taste. All the time, the clear text display communicates just what the Jura GIGA X7 Professional is doing at any time. With this TFT display you can program 12 specialty coffee creations prepared exactly to your liking..

To cater to all likes, the GIGA X7 Professional is fitted with two quiet ceramic burr grinders. Each bean hopper can be filled with a separate type of bean which is great for offices that are divided between two blends of coffee. In addition, pre-ground coffee can be made by adding the coffee into the bypass doser. The 6-setting conical burr grinders allows you to adjust the grind and fine-tune the taste of your drink to your exact preference. The grinder is sound insulated and thus very quiet; the active bean monitoring sensor feature prompts you to refill the beans before you actually run out.

The GIGA X7 Professional comes with the 600 ml (20 oz.) stainless steel vacuum milk container which makes lattes and cappuccinos even easier. 

Keeping the GIGA X7 Professional clean is a breeze. The machine prompts you when it needs cleaning, filter-changes or descaling. The integrated cleaning program is fully automatic; all you need to do is pop a tablet through the top of the machine.

With the new "Butterfly Spout", you can adjust not only the height of the coffee spout but also the width, which means it will fit just about any standard cup. Because the Jura Impressa GIGA X7 Professional is a genuine 2 cup machine you get the same results whether you are making 1 or 2 cups at a time. 

Main Features:

  • Ceramic Valve Technology: By shortening the internal coffee flow from boiler to spout in, the final coffee temperature is increased and improved crema is delivered. The result is the best possible pressure brewed coffee. Brewing process also utilizes a 2 step pre-infusion process for maximum flavor and aroma. The GIGA X7 Professional can be set to 3 different coffee brewing temperatures.
  • Rotary Dial: All functions are centrally controlled by the ingenious rotary dial. 12 programming options are available and all functions and setting are displayed clearly on an alpha-numeric LED display. It is possible to program and control: Cup size, 5 different coffee strengths, hot water volume, and steam duration. Six one touch beverage buttons make selection easy.
  • TFT Display: A large TFT display provides text and visual information when navigating through the machine.
  • Butterfly Coffee Spout: Totally original, the GIGA X7 Professional's dual coffee spout design allows it to move both up and down and in and out. This allows the GIGA X7 Professional to accommodate the widest range of cup designs.
  • Large brew chamber: Self adjusting brew chamber holds from 5 to 16 grams of coffee at a time.
  • Coffee Strength: 5 coffee strength setting to provide your preferred taste.
  • Triple hot water temperature: The unique triple temperature setting for hot water output produces a hotter Cafe Americano, pre-warms your espresso cups and accommodates a greater variety of tea preparation.
  • Advanced coffee grinders: The insulated burr coffee grinder features the lowest noise grinding of any automatic coffee center available today. It also features an electronic bean sensor to alert you before you run out of coffee beans. The upper burr of the grinder is removable for easy cleaning. 2 x 650g (23 oz). bean hopper. 6 fineness settings.
  • Storage compartment: Covered compartment provides easy storage for ground coffee scoop & dual frother plus.
  • Illuminated brewing area: Whenever the machine is in use, two white LED lights illuminate the brewing area.
  • Advanced heating system: Two fast heating 1450 watt stainless steel lined thermo-block can handle continuous use. Quickly adjusts to steam mode in 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Integrated milk frothing system: For easy one touch operation
  • Water Filtration: Clearyl water care system removes chlorine and other impurities. Eliminates the need to decalcify.
  • Beans or Ground Coffee: Sensor activated pre-ground coffee funnel allows the grinder to be by-passed. Great for decaf.
  • Water tank: 5 L (169 oz.) with low water indicator.
  • Automatic cleaning for all functions: Tablet cleaning reminder after approx. 200 cups of coffee

Convenience, Monitoring, Appearance:

  • Bright TFT display, visible from all angels. Gives plain language information, e.g. "Rinse", "Ready", "Fill Water", "Clean Machine", "Fill beans". Also shows coffee strength and cup size on demand and images.
  • Illuminated brewing area. Whenever you push a button, two white LED lights illuminate the coffee brewing area. Lights turn off automatically after three minutes.
  • Five languages available. English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch.
  • Select from "Continuous-on" or "Auto-off" from 1/2 hour to 9 hours or manual off.
  • "Auto-on." The GIGA X7 Professional turns itself on at the programmed time and is ready for your first cup.
  • Main power switch plus On/Off switch As long as the main power switch is on, the On/Off switch on top of the machine is illuminated. In this position, the J5 can turn itself on automatically in the morning.
  • Show cup sizes in metric or imperial.
  • Show time in AM/PM or 24 hour mode.
  • Choose from two stand-by modes (always ready or energy saving stand by).
  • Rinse button automatically illuminates before use.
  • Automatic hot water rinse cycle cleans and preheats all internal arts.
  • Automatic cleaning cycle indicator prevents coffee oil build-up in the brew chamber. A short 15 minutes automated tablet cleaning program with clear instructions in the display insures clean inner parts and coffee brew chamber. The display will remind you automatically after approx. 200 cups of coffee.
  • Automatic indicator when used coffee container is full. Used coffee container holds up to 40 coffee portions.
  • Electronic water level sensor will never let the machine operate without water!
  • Electronic bean container will never let the machine grind without enough beans.
  • Information module lets you check how many cups are made with each beverage button, how often maintenance programs were used.
  • Five level water hardness selector. Set the machine to your water hardness (comes with a water hardness indicator strip).

Filter Requirements:


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Additional Information

Manufactured In:
Dimensions (H x W x D):
56.4 x 37.1 x 49.7
Amperage (Circuit):
Boiler Type:
Dual Thermoblock
Boiler Material:
Stainless Steel
Element Wattage:
Boiler Autofill:
Active Cup Warmer:
Heat Up Time:
Approx. 60 Seconds
Steam Wait Time:
Programmable Drinks:
Programmable Shot Volume:
Adjustable Shot Temperature:
On-the-fly Adjustments:
Pump Type:
Maximum Pump Pressure:
15 Bar
Water Reservoir Size:
Plumb-in Capable:
Bypass Doser:
Strength Levels:
Programmable Strength:
Brew Unit Size:
Grind Adjustment:
Burr Type:
Burr Material:
Bean Hopper Capacity:
Descaling Cycle:
Cleaning Cycle:
Rinse Cycle:
Grounds Bin Capacity:
40 Servings
Hot Water Dispenser:
Programmable Hot Water Length:
Manual Steam Wand:
Automatic Frothing:
Milk Carafe Capacity:
One Touch Cappuccino (OTC):
Illuminated Brewing Area:
Maximum Coffee Spout Clearance:
Maximum Frother Spout Clearance:
Adjustable Espresso Spout Height:
70 - 159mm
Adjustable Frother Spout Height:
70 - 159mm
Programmable Power On:
Programmable Power Off:
Energy Savings Mode:
Shipping restriction:
This product can only be delivered within Canada
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