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Jura Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets (25)

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Jura cleaning tablets for Jura superautomatic espresso machines. Comes in a tub of 25 tablets - each tablet is 2.3 grams.

Jura espresso machine cleaning tablets are designed specifically for Jura superautomatic espresso machines. Each tablet is 2.3 g in size which is larger than the regular Urnex cleaning tablets. Use this product to ensure that your espresso keeps coming out tasting great.

Jura espresso machine cleaning tablets are a professional grade cleaner formulated to dissolve heavy coffee residue build up. These tablets are specifically designed for use in Superautomatics, but this concentrated cleaner is also very effective for hand cleaning or soaking portafilter handles, coffee baskets and other components that have accumulated coffee residue.

The two phase tablets work like this:

Phase I, cleaning: The special formula effectively loosens the coffee fat and particles in the brewing unit and sieve. Water heated to 80 °C thoroughly rinses these components on the inside and outside.

Phase II, protection: Special active ingredients seal the surfaces of the corresponding components and protect them from coffee residue and fat in the long term.

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