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Java Gear Syphon Coffee Maker w/ Alcohol Burner (3 Cup)

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Java Gear Syphon Coffee Maker w/ Alcohol Burner (3 Cup), offers a more unique coffee making alternative!  Also known as a vac pot, or siphon with lots of room to entertain, this coffee brewing alternative is a century's old technique.  Plus it just looks cool.

Used all around the world, the vacuum style coffee maker uses two chambers- the top and bottom glass components, whereby vapor pressure and gravity work together to create the desired end result. Heating and cooling of the water inside the lower vessel changes the water vapor pressure and pushes the water up into the top glass chamber, through the glass stem.  Then as it cools, the water falls back down into the lower vessel for an amazingly fresh and tasty brew!

Step 1: Water is added to the bottom glass chamber to be heated.
Step 2Your favorite ground coffee is placed into the top glass chamber.
Step 3The top chamber with stem is placed on top, with the stem placed directly into the bottom glass component.
Step 4Ignite burner. As water boils, steam forces water up the stem into the top chamber to meet the ground coffee. 
Step 5Once the coffee is fully brewed it still contains coffee grounds. Turn off burner. Stir for one minute.
Step 6As the glass carafe cools, the evaporated water contracts and the brewed coffee is pulled back down, through the ground coffee, into the lower portion once again via gravity and pressure variance.

A truly unique coffee brewing experience to delight!  Also available in 5 Cup size.  Contents of package may vary at the discretion of the manufacturer.  Fuel sold separately.

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Java Gear
Syphon Capacity:
3 Cup
Glass, metal, plastic
Alcohol Burner:
Sold Separately
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This product is only available for shipping within Canada.
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