House of Funk Coffee – Technicolour Espresso (250g)

  • House of Funk Coffee – Technicolour Espresso (250g)
  • House of Funk Coffee – Technicolour Espresso - Tasting Notes
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This is our house espresso blend, while the origins may rotate you can always expect the same flavour profile from this Australian inspired 'spro.

House of Funk’s head coffee roaster, Ann Hnatyshyn, was inspired to create this blend by her experience in Australia’s thriving coffee industry. She remembers the mellow chocolate and caramel notes that characterized the espresso served in the majority of the cafes she visited there, and how great it tasted both black and with steamed milk. Technicolour Espresso is a tribute to that delicious versatility, and to the coffee culture in Australia. 

  • Origin: Variable
  • Tasting Notes: chocolate, caramel, almond
  • Roast Level: medium - dark
  • Varietals: Yellow Bourbon, Catuai & Catucai, SL28
  • Elevation: 1100 - 1700 metres
  • Producer: Varies
  • Importer: Root 86 Imports


House of Funk Brewing is a micro brewery and roastery located on the North Shore. It was created to challenge the status quo of coffee and beer. Their small batch system allows them to push boundaries and experiment with their brews, and serve up fresh and unique flavours more frequently.

House of Funk’s head roaster, Ann Hnatyshyn, is one of few female roasters in the third wave coffee industry. Over the last decade of her career, her passion to master the art of roasting has taken her to New Zealand, Australia, England, Colombia, and finally back home to Canada, where her exploration of farming systems, origin flavour complexities, roasting techniques, and espresso extraction have earned her the head roaster position at House of Funk.

Find them in North Vancouver, BC.

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House of Funk
250 grams
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