Hario Slim Mini Coffee Mill

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For miniature-sized grinding needs! The Hario Slim mini coffee mill hand grinder is perfect for travel. Its compact size and easy adjustment make it great for people who want coffee on the go!

Hario hand grinders are solidly built units intelligently designed by the Japanese. High in quality, they rival the performance of the higher end Zassenhaus hand grinders - without the hefty price tag. With adjustable stainless steel conical burrs, Hario grinders can handle coffee makers such as drip, stovetop, french press, and the ever popular Aeropress! They can even grind fine enough for some semi-automatic espresso machines (such as the Saeco machines with pressurized portafilter handles).

The Slim is the most compact Hario hand grinder available. Simple yet sturdy construction make it a great choice for travelling. The storage chamber which holds freshly ground coffee has two level indicators for 1 cup or 2 cups of coffee. This is a must-have for any camping, hiking, or backpacking trips in the future! Pair it up with a coffee maker like the Aerobie Aeropress, and you've got the perfect coffee travel kit or gift for any occasion.

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    Hario Slim

    Posted by Atomic_Brew on 2017 Jan 28th

    It works, but just ok.
    Very hard to find a hand grinder that gives decent and/or consistent particle size in the sub $150 range, they are basically all the same and you are paying for different materials or look. Basic design flaw with all these level of grinders is the lack of shaft bearings, the burrs will always wobble leading to inconsistent particle sizing. I find the ceramic burrs on this actually crush the beans more than cut. Lots of fines throughout the adjustment range.
    For the price point this is good for a travel grinder and getting the coffee fix....just don't expect precision.

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