Hario Coffee Mill Standard N

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With Japanese design and classic styling, the Hario Standard N manual hand grinder is a great substitute for lower end electric burr grinders. With adjustable stainless steel burrs held within a nice wood housing, this grinder is perfect for use anywhere!

Prefer to grind your coffee by hand? Hario manual coffee grinders are the thing for you!

Hario hand grinders are solidly built units intelligently designed by the Japanese. High in quality, they rival the performance of the higher end Zassenhaus hand grinders - without the hefty price tag. With adjustable stainless steel conical burrs, Hario grinders can handle coffee makers such as drip, stovetop, french press, and the ever popular Aeropress! They can even grind fine enough for some semi-automatic espresso machines (such as the Saeco machines with pressurized portafilter handles).

The Standard is the second-in-line grinder from Hario. Featuring a wooden base with a pull-out drawer, this grinder is simple yet functional. Fresh coffee is ground directly into the drawer which you can remove and scoop your coffee out of. The handle and hopper is constructed out of metal, so you can be sure that the Standard will stand the test of time. For an excellent combination of performance and style in the realm of hand grinders, the Standard is an excellent choice!

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