Hale Coffee Drip – Burundi Bwayi Lot 2 (340g)

  • Hale Coffee Drip – Burundi Bwayi Lot 2 (340g)
  • Hale Coffee Drip – Burundi Bwayi Lot 2 (340g)

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Grown at 1,750 metres above sea level, this washed single origin coffee comes from the Bwayi Washing Station in the town of Matongo, in the Kayanza Province of Burndi. Hale Coffee’s partners at Café Imports were one of the very first companies to see the great potential in the specialty coffees grown there. The sparkling acidity of Burundi, and the incredible complexity and diversity found in that region, are a product of the terroir; the taste of this coffee is as beautiful and varied as the place itself.

ORIGIN: Matongo, Kayanza, Burundi
TASTING NOTES: Blackberry, tangerine, black tea


At Hale, our ultimate goal is to increase transparency in coffee. We consequently aim to establishing direct farmer relations, working hand in hand to influence emerging techniques and styles, to monitor shipping procedures and ensure the highest quality coffee is sourced and delivered. This gives us the ability to say that the person who's preparing the coffee is well aware of the person that had harvested the coffee.

We pride ourselves on a simple motivator: inspire change and do things that others would never dare. Our dedication to discover new and incredible coffees from around the world is at the forefront of our production and roasting. We are always learning about and developing our trade.

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