Gaggia Baby - 3-Way Solenoid Valve: 120V


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The 3-way electro/solenoid valve for the new model Gaggia Baby (Black, Class & Twin) semi-automatic espresso machines.

This electrovalve magnetically opens and closes the valve, directing the flow of water through the grouphead, through the steam/hot water wand, or releasing the excess grouphead pressure out through the drain outlet after brewing/backflushing.

Rated at 100-120 volts/50 Hertz.

Note: most often when the flow of water is restricted, the cause is either a plugged grouphead component (screen, diffuser or boiler outlet) due to coffee oil/grinds build-up or scale deposits--or in the case of the wand, congealed milk. Cleaning the wand with a small bore, backflushing and/or descaling will often clear this blockage and the 3-way electrovalve won't need to be replaced.

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