Espro Ultralight Brushed Stainless Coffee Press (16 oz)

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Introducing The Espro Ultralight Meteorite Black Coffee Press (16 oz). The Ultralight holds 16 oz of liquid, doubles as a water bottle, has a loop handle and is half the weight of the Travel Press. The Travel Press holds 12 oz of coffee once the grounds have been pressed.

The ESPRO press is similar to a french press. The difference between an Espro press and other french presses is that Espro delivers a much finer double-filtration, leading to what we believe is the cleanest, smoothest cup of coffee available. Grounds are placed into the vessel along with water at the desired temperature. After brewing, the filters are pushed down to separate the grounds from the dissolved solids. Every Espro press comes with two micro-filters which are compatible with the Travel Press and Ultralight use the same size coffee, tea, and paper filters - handy!


1. Preheat: Fill the bottom of the press with hot water (this step can be skipped if you’re in a hurry)
2. Grind: Grind coffee just before use. A coarse, drip grind gives the best results.
3. Measure: See ESPRO’s recommended recipes here.
4. Empty out preheat water.
5. Add coffee and clean any grinds sitting on the top lip of the press.
6. Boil water. Let it cool for a minute or two. Ideal temperature is 200-220 °F.
7. Fill the press until the water and coffee meet the fill line.
8. Give it a quick stir to ensure all the grinds are wet. 
9. Press the lid on gently without pressing it down. 
10. Wait four minutes. In a rush? Use more coffee and wait two minutes.
11. Press slowly until the button reaches the lid. If the force feels too high, pull up briefly to clear the filter instead of using body weight. Take 15 seconds to fully press.
12. Pour and enjoy!

This product is only available for shipping within Canada.

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Additional Information

Manufactured By:
Meteorite Black
16 oz, 12 oz once coffee is pressed
Number of filters included:
2 micro-filters
Shipping Restriction:
This product can only be shipped within Canada.
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