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Dalla Corte Black Mina & Dalla Corte Black Max

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  • Dalla Corte Black Mina & Dalla Corte Black Max
  • Dalla Corte Black Mina & Dalla Corte Black Max
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Dalla Corte's Mina Espresso Machine (black)

A customizable, inter-connecting high technology espresso machine that’s full of character and offers its user complete control to produce an espresso that’s exactly as you want it!

Flow profiling allows for precise extraction with over eighty spins per second on Dalla Corte’s own ‘flow meter’ technology, presenting “drop by drop” quality control. Dalla Carte offers exclusive inter-connectivity between their select espresso machines and grinders with DC System Technology created to enable big coffee-shop chains, or places with a very high staff turnover to consistently provide excellent espressos and milk-based drinks.

The Grinder Control System (GCS), always guarantees an optimum grinding; with the Online Control System (OCS), you can control your espresso machines by remote whilst the Machine Control System (MCS), assures an exquisite milk foam for your perfect cappuccinos. The Mina’s app will help to tailor your tastes to profile any coffee for the perfect flavor, no matter how you choose to switch up your coffee game!

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Dalla Corte Max Coffee Grinder (black)

Power in a small size grinder! The Max is an ideal combination of approachable user-friendly design and powerful DC system technology! The Max serves up precise coffee grinding with its 65mm flat burrs, competition mode for your need to experiment, and powerful programming features & functionality for peak hours.

You can customize your the model of DC grinder with panels of different colours and materials - (call for special order), and match it with your Mina espresso machine or kitchen décor. Due to the encoders, you can adjust the grinding time and have total control over your coffee-making experience. This machine offers a small footprint with powerful technology.

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