• Barista Mixology Class

    Lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, flat whites — what's the difference?? A grande Americano has how many shots? How do you texturize skim versus whole milk, or soy and nut milks? Find out in our new Barista Mixology course, and master...
  • Espresso 101 Class

    Making good espresso is both science and art. With a little know-how and practice, however, it can be mastered at home! Learn how factors like grind, dose, tamp, temperature, and pressure affect espresso quality, and perfect the techniques for pulling...
  • Latte Art 101 Class

    You've coveted your favourite barista's latte art prowess and ogled #latteart on Instagram long enough. Now it's your turn. Master the steaming, texturizing and pouring techniques used by the pros to create exquisite works of coffee art. Train...
  • Latte Art 201 Class

    Latte Art 201 - a step up from Latte Art 101 - is designed for home & commercial baristas who have mastered the fundamental steaming, texturizing & pouring techniques and want to learn to pour more intricate latte art designs. Our...
  • Cupping Event

    Learn to cup, taste & evaluate coffee just like a professional!   - Taste and compare up to four freshly-roasted coffees - Use sight, smell & taste to evaluate coffees at different stages - Master techniques like...