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Caffe D'arte Drip Coffee - Campania - Tasting Pack (150g)

  • Caffe D'arte Drip Coffee - Campania (150g)
  • Caffe D'arte Drip Coffee - Campania - Tasting Card
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Caffé D’arte‘s Campania Drip coffee blend, offered in a reusable foil bag, specially designed to keep beans fresh! Inspired by Southern Italy, Caffé D’arte's Campania is the darkest of the drip coffee roasts. Deep and robust, with hints of cocoa and honey, Campania is bold yet not overpowering, offering a well-rounded flavour with a satisfyingly sweet finish!

The beauty of Italy is experienced travelling through its varied countryside: music, art, language, culinary art and architecture all express their unique and relative historical cultures of each rich and distinctive region. Caffé D'arte® espresso blends represent the vivid characteristics of each region. Your taste buds will travel to the places and times of Italy's most famous culinary regions!

ORIGIN: Central & South America
TASTING NOTES: Hints of cocoa & honey


Caffé D’arte is a locally owned coffee roasting company originally started by Mauro Cipolla after he moved to the Northwest from Italy in the 1970’s. From its beginnings, Caffé D’arte (literally, The Art of Coffee) has stood for passion combined with the highest standards of quality steeped in the great Italian coffee tradition.

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