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  • Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Maker KBT741


    Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer KBT 741

    Introducing the Moccamaster KBT174 from Technivorm. This coffee brewer is said to be one of the best in its class. It heats water from 92-96 degrees Celsius which meets the requirements from the Specialty Coffee Association. The temperature is held...
  • Breville Grind Control Coffee Brewer


    Breville Grind Control Coffee Brewer

    The first household coffee maker with an adjustable grinder and calibration function. The Grind Control™ allows you to simply customize the grind size and coffee volume to suit your taste. Grinds whole beans for maximum flavor and aroma. The Grind...
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    Breville Precision Brewer w/ thermal carafe (2515)

    Now: $299.99
    Was: $349.95
    The world's first 60 oz drip coffee maker with the precision required to brew craft filter coffee, automatically. Experience your favorite coffee at its best regardless of its origin, age or roast with precise temperature and brewing time...
  • Aeropress Coffee Brewing Kit

    Press it good — press it REAL good — with this complete Aeropress coffee brewing kit!Everything you need to brew great coffee at home using one of the most popular coffee-making methods. Kit includes: Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker (350...
  • Chemex 3-Cup Coffee Brewing Kit

    For unbeatable clarity of flavour and aroma, brew your favourite coffee at home with the Chemex coffee maker!We've put everything you need together here — just add the beans and the water. Kit includes: Chemex Classic Wood Collar 3-Cup Coffee...
  • V60 1-4 Cup Coffee Brewing Kit

    Everything you need to brew great coffee at home using a timeless pour over method!Just add coffee beans, water, and your favourite coffee cup. Kit includes: V60 (02) White Glass Dripper (1-4 cups) V60 (02) Paper Filters (100) Bonavita 1L Gooseneck...
  • Toddy Commercial Cold Brewed Coffee Maker


    Toddy Commercial Cold Brewed Coffee Maker

    Hundreds of leading coffeehouses & cafes throughout the U.S. and Canada utilize Toddy's cold-brewed system. The Toddy Commercial system uses its patented cold-water extraction process to produce cold-brewed liquid coffee and tea extract that offers...
  • Bellmann Stovetop Cappuccino Maker

    Bellmann Cappuccino Maker

    The Bellmann Cappuccino stainless steel stove-top cappuccino maker is a compact unit and is fully portable. I'ts built with heavy 18/10 stainless construction and has a large bakelite handle and knob made for safe usage. Adjusts to brew 3, 6, 9 cups of...