Brewing & Kettles

Brewing & Kettles

Brew with ease (and pleasure!) using our favourite apparatus from Bonavita, Hario, Fetco and more.

  • Hario V60 (02) Glass Dripper: 1-4 Cups


    Hario V60 (02) White Glass Dripper: 1-4 Cups

    1-4 cups Hario V60 glass dripper coffee maker.  Create each cup with precision using the Hario V60 Glass Dripper. The unit utilizes its cone shape with spiral ribs and a large single hole to create a brewing apparatus that can produce great coffee...
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    1 Cup Stainless Mini Expresso

    GSI Outdoors

    1 Cup Stainless Mini Expresso Maker

    Now: $31.00
    Was: $48.00
    Lightweight and portable, this mini stovetop espresso maker delivers the goods quickly and easily. Brews quickly with one double shot (2.5 fl. oz.) serving in 90 seconds. Ultra-rugged, Glacier Stainless® construction provides years of reliable...
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    GSI Personal JavaPress (Blue) Top

    GSI Outdoors

    GSI Personal JavaPress (Blue)

    Now: $27.00
    Was: $34.00
    Personal and portable, this 2-piece mug and press is lightweight and compact due to its unique nesting design. The insulated personal press brews two cups of fresh coffee (or tea), one to get you going and one for the road. Nesting, insulated mug...
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    Toddy Acrylic Storage Decanter

    Toddy Acrylic Storage Container (8973)

    Now: $26.96
    Was: $29.95
    Stylish and efficient, the 56 ounce Acrylic (PBA Free) Toddy Decanter is the perfect instrument for storing and pouring your Toddy concentrate. The silicon seal allows the decanters to be stored standing up or on their sides without any leaking. Built to...
  • Hario

    Hario V60 (01) Black Glass Dripper: 1-2 Cups

    Create each cup with precision using the Hario V60 Glass Dripper. The unit utilizes its cone shape with spiral ribs and a large single hole to produce great coffee.The V60 (01) can brew 1-2 cups at a time and comes with a coffee dosing scoop. Brewing can...
  • Handpresso Domepod Tamper


    Handpresso Tamper

    Perfect your puck with the Handpresso Domepod Tamper. The 32.5 mm highly scratch resistant aluminum is just the right tool you need to press out better espressos!Note:not dishwasher friendlydo not microwave
  • Java Gear

    Java Gear Stainless Steel Hand Coffee Grinder

    A versatile and durable, portable hand grinder for coffee. Ceramic burrs and stainless steel construction make this grinder perfect for taking on the go. Capable of delivering a consistent grind for pour over, french press, moka pot or Aeropress. 
  • Handpresso

    Handpresso Domepod Case

    Here is a clever and handy Domepod case which holds up to 3 Domepods. Pre-fill the Domepods and you will be set for the rest of the day.  Just place them in the case and bring them with you wherever you go!The Domepod case fastens onto both the...
  • Handpresso Wild Carrying Case


    Handpresso Pump Travel Case

    This handy, padded protective case will safely transport your Handpresso Wild espresso maker with you wherever you go. A must for any Handpresso Wild owner.A must! This handy padded case protects your Handpresso Wild wherever you go...