Barista Mixology Class

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Lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, flat whites — what's the difference?? A grande Americano has how many shots? How do you texturize skim versus whole milk, or soy and nut milks? Find out in our new Barista Mixology course, and master the repertoire of a professional barista.

3 hours | $75 per person | 6 person limit

Milk, toppings, syrups and coffee provided.

If you want to purchase a class as a gift for a friend, select "Gift a Barista Mixology class to a friend!". You may set the shipping address as your own and give it to your friend personally or set it as your friend's so they'll get a nice surprise. We will send out a Barista Training gift certificate good for any date we have available. 

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