Puly Grind - Coffee Grinder Cleaner (15g) (2377)

Puly Grind - Coffee Grinder Cleaner (15g) (2377)


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Keep your grinder clean for better coffee and a longer lifespan.


Puly Grind Grinder Cleaner Crystal 1 packet (15g)

Specially designed for manual Espresso Coffee grinders. Effectively removes stale coffee residue and flavored coffee odours from the internal burrs and casings of the coffee grinder. Gluten Free. No need of changing the grind setting for usage.


  • Empty the bean hopper from coffee grains
  • Insert one dose of Puly grind Crystals (Two for shop grinders)
  • Fill up again the container with coffee grains
  • Turn on the engines for one, two, three dose of coffee
  • Discharge the first new shots of coffee