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Rancilio Classe 6 LE2 Group Lever (1553)

Product No.: RACL6LE2

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Hands-on control for the purist. Can be run on propane!

Availability: Discontinued


Rancilio Classe 6 LE2 Group Lever (1553)

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Barista Tip:

To infuse or not to infuse? Pre-infusion is the act of "wetting" the espresso grounds before the main extraction or "pour" takes place.

Opinions differ on whether pre-infusion improves overall extraction and flavour of the espresso. Old style "hydraulic" machines did this naturally, as do our Classe 6 lever machines. On lever machines like this one, holding the lever in the down position for a few seconds, naturally wets the coffee grounds, providing (many say) an improved flavour profile. All Rancilio pump machines utilize a natural, soft pre-infusion to mimic the benefits of the Classe 6 lever. Your coffee supplier may have advice on what works best for their bean, but in the end it's a personal choice.

The Rancilio Classe 6 was conceived with versatility, consistency and economics in mind - its versatile design and setup make it multi-talented. Espressotec is proud to offer the Classe 6 in a 2 group lever outfitted with the optional factory Rancilio propane kit installed. This Classe 6 can be powered entirely by Propane or run on electricity - switch back and forth anytime! It operates the same whether as a 220V machine in a traditional coffee bar, or as a self-contained unit run by propane tank on a street corner cart! It is the perfect answer for carts, catering vans, special events or in any location where electric power is a problem.

The Classe 6 lever machine is old world performance in a stylish new housing. For the purist, the hydraulic lever mechanism provides a beautiful shot of espresso without electronics or pump!

Updated with Clever steam handles which allows you to steam milk effortlessly without no knobs to turn. The Clever's ergonomic handle has been designed for ease of use. Flip the "Clever" handle up to the auto-lock position which allows you to quickly steam and froth milk with maximum speed. From the neutral/off position a quick press of the steam valve down for purging and tip cleaning.

The drip tray design includes removable sections that are constructed of high endurance scratch poof polymers and can easily be cleaned either by hand or in the dishwasher.

A pull of the famous lever provides an exceptional 1 oz. espresso pour through the redesigned and extremely temperature stable group head. With the "LE" series it is all about reliability and user control! Leaving the handle in the down position for a second or two before releasing provides natural pre-infusion. Many argue that natural pre-infusion improves the flavour of the coffee. The Classe 6 lever gives you that control!

Hot water is available at the twist of the new style valves. Rancilio's new patented optical boiler water level sensor is highly reliable and maintenance free. If running exclusively on propane, manual boiler filling using a small valve is necessary. A mechanical pressurestat controls the boiler pressure.

Stainless Steel working surfaces and brushed aluminum rear panel give the Classe 6 a decidedly upscale look. The side panels are heavy gauge ABS - extremely resistant to damage and scratching. The top warming tray can hold ample espresso/cappuccino cups.

The Rancilio Classe 6 lever looks great, is constructed with only the highest, premium high grade components for durability, and gives the coffee bar or restaurant on a tighter budget legendary Rancilio reliability and performance in a compact and stylish package!
All Rancilio commercial espresso machines can be fitted to accept pods and or capsules. This provides the consistency and cleanliness of pods and capsules, with the reliability of a commercial espresso machine.

Technician Tip:
Propane Power

Off grid or on a truck? We can add a propane kit for the 2, 3 or 4 group lever machines. Run the machine entirely off propane or use the machine with a combination of electrical and propane power together.

Optional Propane Features:

The Classe 6/LE has a Rancilio factory propane kit installed by our own technicians. Merely press the piezo start button (red button lower right front panel), hold in the pilot/regulator knob (left of the piezo start button) and the burner heats the boiler water. The built-in thermocouple regulates the boiler temperature for you (just like a gas furnace, the flame turns up/down as called for by the thermocouple). In propane operation, the boiler must be filled manually (using the manual lever tap). The boiler sight glass on the front panel makes the job easy.

If the machine is hooked up to 220V power the boiler fills automatically and the 6000W boiler element operates in the normal manner. In the case where the machine is located in an area with minimal power availability (less than 220V/20 Amps) and the machine is not going to be pressed hard, it is possible to disconnect one leg of the element. This reduces the draw to about 13 Amps but the machine of course will take longer to heat up and recovery will be less than optimum. Of course it is possible to supplement the electric power with propane if so desired - both systems are independent of each other, and this will actually boost the output (primarily steam and hot water recovery times). For a small additional cost, we can retrofit the Classe 6 to run 110V/2700W or even 110V/1800W. This is only recommended if you plan to assist the electrical power with propane, otherwise performance will be reduced considerably. The advantage of course, is that if 110V is all that is available, this becomes almost a necessity. In our experience, the propane seems to be the equivalent of around 2700 Watts electrical, fine for espresso making and light steaming, but not for large latte steam demands.

Note: the propane system must be connected and tested by a qualified and certified gas/propane technician adhering to all municipal, provincial and state laws that may be in force in the areas where the machine will be operated. Several different jet orifices are included for optimum configuration. Minimum and maximum boiler temperature cutouts will also need to be calibrated by the technician (instructions are included).

All Rancilio commercial espresso machines can be fitted to accept pods and or capsules. This provides the consistency and cleanliness of pods and capsules provided with the reliability of a commercial espresso machine.




Manufacturer Rancilio Commercial
Number of Groups 2 Groups
Body Material Stainless steel and grey painted alumunium panels
Boiler Size (L) 11 Litre
C-Lever Steam Handle No
Active Cup Warmer Optional
Dimensions WxDxH (in) 33 x 20 x 19
Grouphead Temperature Profiling No
Multi-function Computer Display No
Pod or Capsule Capable Optional
Programmable Energy Saving No
Programmable Hot Water Length No
SEQ Pour Control System No
Voltage 230 V
Pourover Or Plumbed-In Plumbed-In
Weight (lb/Kg) 136 lbs / 61.2 Kg
Work Area Illumination No
youSteam (Hands Free Steam Control) No
Natural Soft Pre-Infusion Yes
Cup Clearance Standard
Espresso's Per Hour 240 E.P.H.
Water Level Control Sight Glass
Pump Pressure Gauge No
Boiler Pressure Gauge Yes
Included Accessories Single Portafilter, Double Portafilter, Coffee Tamper, Leveling Feet, Backflush disc and Measuring Scoop
Primary Element Wattage 4300 Watt
Advanced Diagnostiics (Easy Fix) No
Voltage Stabilization (V-Flex) No
Smart Power Management (ABM) No
USB Connectivity (Plug & Brew) No
Automatic Washing Programme (Easy Clean) No
Temperature Programme (4-Tea) No
Body Customization No
Propane or Natural Gas Heating Yes; Optional
Automatic Steam Wand (iSteam) No
Espresso Delivery System Lever
Secondary Element Wattage No
Boiler Temperature Control Pressurestat
Classe Classe 6


  • Dual steam wands
  • Gas heating available
  • Cleaning and maintenance made easier
  • Removable side drain trays to reduce width
  • Modern design and robust building material

Warranty / Manual


What it Covers:
Espresso Machine Parts & Labour
Warranty Length:
1 Year (2 years optional)
Warranty Facility: Espressotec Sales & Service
Warranty Contact Information:
Manufacturer Information:
(630) 914-7900
1340 Internationale Parkway Suite 200
Woodridge, IL 60517, USA

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