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Coffee & Tea

Sorry, Coffee can only be delivered within Canada, due to new FDA regulations.

Due to changes to the US Food Exportation Regulations (Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act) of Dec. 2003 we are unable to ship coffee or syrups to the USA at this time. Thanks for your understanding.


9 Bar Espresso Italia Coffee


Try our best-selling, locally roasted 9 Bar Espresso Italia.

Our secret for a real, traditional, Italian espresso taste--we blend in just the right amount of high quality, hand-picked, washed Robusta coffee. Full-bodied with caramel and chocolate notes. Rich, dense, reddish-brown crema and a lingering smooth finish.

Each bag contains approximately 454 g /1 lb. If you're interested in learning more on our philosophy of blending and roasting a great, traditional Italian espresso roast click here for a link on an awesome article..

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Caffe D'arte Coffee



Northern Italian espresso suggests the region of Toscana. Mild, great aroma, sweet and smooth.



Central Italian espresso suggests the region of Lazio. Medium, rich, winy and aromatic



Southern Italian espresso suggests the region of Campania. Medium-dark, hearty, rich and velvety.



Southern Italian espresso suggests the region of Sicilia. Dark, heavy bodied, yet sweet.



Caffé D'arte's Organic Espresso and Organic Fair Trade Coffee's meet the stringent standards to be organic and fair trade certified. The beans are grown without the use of fertilizers and we buy product that meet the international fair trade criteria.

This masterful blend of coffees is 100% certified organic. "A Wonderful Aromatic blend"



If you learn to taste with a fine sense of discrimination, you and the coffee are in direct communication. That way the espresso or coffee tells you what works and what doesn't. Your own taste buds also tell you what works and what doesn't. In the tasting process, you open up a world of rich and subtle flavours to be savoured.

The Caffe D'arte gourmet drip coffee Meaning of Life blend is stronger than the Special Blend, but balanced and aromatic. "The Nectar of the Gods", Giuseppeé's recommendation.



Caffe D'arte, supreme coffees prepared with a 1949 Balesta Wood-fired roaster not only preserves an Italian art form, it also sets a standard of excellence that few can match.

The Balestra roaster is far removed from the modern roasting ovens which come equipped with computers, gauges, buttons and switches

Like a piano tuner searching for the perfect pitch, their roast master adjusts these doors throughout the roasting process, guided only by a temperature gauge and a sample viewing scoop.

"Unforgettable Memories." Taste this rich traditional wood roasted delicacy.


Bowen Island Coffee


This award-winning espresso is smooth, sweet and exotic. Sweet to sip, but with enough flavour to cut through milk. Also makes a full flavoured drip coffee.

We love Bowen Island! With its many diverse neighbourhoods and breathtaking beauty, we have been inspired to create a line of coffees to salute this beautiful island.

Each bean has been carefully selected to complement each other in the cup, giving full, well rounded flavours.



Mogiana Coffee


Named after the beautiful valley, Mogiana Coffee is Vancouver’s only coffee company sourcing Arabica beans of the very finest quality directly from their own, award-winning, sustainable coffee farm in Brazil.

Mogiana Coffee is a farm-direct, family-traded Brazilian coffee. Five generations have carried on the family tradition of growing, hand-picking and roasting award winning coffees. Conscientious employers and proud stewards of the environment with farming practices reflecting a commitment to social responsibility & sustainability Mogiana espresso coffee produces profound aromas and a rich taste with a pleasantly smooth finish.