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Coffee House Magazine

In the late 1600's coffee culture swept across Europe. Coffee houses sprang up, first for the wealthy, then for the students and intellectuals. These coffeehouses patrons came to exchange views and foster debate. Things haven't changed that much over the years and coffee houses and a cup of joe are all that's required to exchange views and solve the world's problems. Our goals here are not quite so lofty. In the "Coffee House Magazine" we've compiled a miscellany of news & views about the coffee industry. Just interesting articles that we think you might be interested in while you're enjoying that perfect espresso or cappuccino! The opinions expressed are those of the authors, of course, and not of Espressotec.

Coffee and Espresso Industry Articles

Coffee and Health Articles

Miscellaneous Articles


Coffee/Espresso Articles

-My $11,000 Hot Java love Machine (2008)

- Can Starbucks go with the Flow?(2008)

- Coffee in Austria: More than a Beverage

- The Lowdown on Frozen Coffee Drinks (2007)

- Coffee King Prince goes for perfection in every drop (2003)

- Coffee Buzz not due to caffeine, research shows (2003)

- Canada's Best Barista-Sammy Piccolo (2003)

- Genetically altered bush produces decaf coffee beans (2003)

- A Quarter pounder of Sugar (2002)


Coffee and Health Articles


- Three cups of Coffee a Day help Women stay Sane (2007)

- Five cups of coffee a day guarantee absolutely healthy liver (2006)

- Moderate coffee consumption may be associated with reduction in risk of certain diseases, food scientist says

- The Lowdown on Frozen Coffee Drinks (2007)

- Love your latte? You may be drinking to your good health

- Caffeine, exercise aid cancer fight (2007)

- A Cup of Joe does more good than harm (2007)

- Caffeine may protect women against memory loss: study (2007)


- Coffee tests find sky-high caffeine levels (2005)


- Caffeine fights skin cancer (2002)

- Beware the Coffee Chillers (2002)


Miscellaneous Articles

A compilation of recommendations from various sources on Rancilio, Gaggia and ECM espresso machines

A Brief History of Espresso and Espresso Machines